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Retorting & Thermal Processing Specialists
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Retorting & Thermal Processing
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Once a client has a product that is prepared and packaged, The Food Incubator can step in to provide expert counsel on the next important phase of the journey prior to launch.

Our services include:

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Process Establishment

We’ll work with you to reveal what your product looks and tastes like after thermal processing – and we’ll find the best solution to preserve flavour and aesthetic appeal

Extended testing work

Our team can create product samples for evaluation or presentation to colleagues / key stakeholders / retailer prospects

Small batch runs

New start-ups requiring thermally processed products can work with us to launch, initially on lower product runs

Existing food manufacturers

Specialist assistance to established food manufacturers, providing access to our testing, increased capacity, promotional activities and training services


We will initiate multiple runs using industrial technology and provide data analysis for validation purposes. This will assist with evaluating the potential for full scalability


We can deliver bespoke training courses to enable the upskilling of operators and technical staff, encouraging a deeper understanding of retorting and thermal processing

Thermal Processing Induction

We’ll train new members to your team who are not yet familiar with thermal processing to help them fully understand the concept of shelf-life extension


We can help you with your new product development plans, providing expert guidance at the early stages of the journey towards production, to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure a seamless rollout


We cost every job on a project-by-project basis, but clients have the opportunity to effectively ‘rent time’ on machines either per batch or per day, supported by a trained process specialist.

All training is tailored according to the specific needs of the client, so please get in touch and we can chat through your requirements.






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